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Concrete Slab Repair

man fixing a concrete slab

Concrete Slabs serve many purposes, but when it comes to providing a long-lasting solution for cracking and damages, there does not often appear to be many options. Slab repairs can be overlooked, due to a lack of solutions. There is a variety of reasons as to why foundations can crack. It depends on how it was made and used. Regardless of how your concrete slab became cracked or damaged, Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts have you covered. Our team of contractors is equipped and ready to handle your concrete slab needs. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer and our affordable pricing.

Common issues you can faceĀ 

Depending on how the concrete slabs were made, the cracks can appear for many reasons. Reasons for cracking and damage with concrete slabs include a lack of steel, poor concrete quality, lack of thickness, ground settling or pressure, and ground movement. In a basement environment gases like soil, gases can move through cracks and the moisture that is in excess will lead to mold and mildew problems down the road. Mold and mildew can translate into health conditions that will negatively affect your life. Although many homeowners may not understand the severity of concrete slab damage, it is always vital to ensure repairs are done quickly and effectively.

Repair methodsĀ 

There are many ways to go about repairing concrete slabs, regardless of how the break or damage occurred. One of the most common methods to repair a slab is to fill or inject the cracks with polyurethane. Filling and bonding the cracks back together is an effective way to seal any damages and strengthen the material. Regardless of this repair, it is still possible for damage to occur down the road. Some repair methods can be considered a permanent fix such as holding the cracks together with high-strength carbon reinforcement. This method will ensure the slab is not able to pull apart once it has been filled.

Why chooses concrete

Concrete is used in the construction industry and has been for hundreds of years. It is well known for its strength and durability as it can withstand conditions most materials cannot. Despite the strength that concrete is known for, it can become damaged over time. Many factors can affect the concrete slab. Factors such as the maintenance it has, the type of concrete, who manufactured it, and the conditions it is exposed to. Despite these factors, concrete is one material that will last for many years even with constant exposure. Luckily even when damage such as cracking does occur a repair is easily done.

What are concrete slabs?

A concrete slab is used in the structure of a building. It is made from concrete and used to create a flat surface that includes floors, roofing, and ceiling. The concrete slab is mostly made several inches thick and often it is supported by beams, walls, ground, or columns. Concrete slabs can be pre-made on-site and then placed strategically or poured into formwork and dried.

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