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Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts

Foundation Repair in Rosenberg, TX

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Welcome to Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts! If you are looking for a company that not only provides repairs for your foundation but who also ensures that you are at complete ease throughout the entire process, then you should stick around. We are experts in foundation repairs (of course), but also in providing customer service that surpasses what most customers expect from a contractor. Find out more about us below!

About Us

At Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts, we do not believe in being the best, but rather in offering our best at all times. We do not believe that there is a pinnacle point at which we are the best we can be, but rather, it is a journey of being the best that we can be. We strive to constantly learn, grow, and exceed the quality of service and workmanship that we provided yesterday. If you are looking for a company that does not claim to be the best, but rather strives to provide you with the best that they can achieve, then you have found us here at Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts!

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    Our Services

    Each of the services that we offer has been carefully selected by our management team to ensure two things. The first is to ensure that we only offer services that we know with absolute certainty that we can provide with impeccable quality – every single time. The second is to ensure that we provide a comprehensive foundation repair solution that caters to every need that any client may have. Want to know more about the services that we offer? Take a look below!

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    Concrete Slab Repair

    A concrete slab foundation, also known as a slab on grade foundation, is a concrete form that is molded to the required shape to provide a stable foundation to a structure. While concrete can last for centuries, it is not impervious to damage or wear. Small issues with concrete slabs can quickly necessitate larger, costly repairs down the line, so if you notice any signs that your slab foundation requires repairs, you should contact a repair service as soon as you can.

    a concrete foundation slab
    Pier and Beam Repair

    Pier and beam foundations are one of the oldest foundation types there is. They have stood the test of time over and over, proving that they offer superior stability to your property, especially in less than favorable conditions. That said, they are not impervious to damage. Pier and Beam foundations face many variables; all of which may affect their integrity. We employ dozens of repair techniques to tackle these variables and ensure quick, effective repairs.

    “There are very few times repairs are fun, but if I’d have to choose which repairs I need, I’d choose foundation repairs. The people at Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts are truly amazing people. They offer outstanding customer service and a very rare quality of workmanship!” – Derick P

    a garage being renovated
    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Given the size of commercial properties, there is much more that can go wrong than with a standard foundation, such as a smaller residential foundation. Without the assistance of a professional repair service, you leave yourself at risk of litigation due to building faults as a result of poor foundation conditions. We offer bespoke pricing structures to our commercial clients, so if you are budget sensitive, we can assist!

    men digging a hole
    House Leveling

    Whether due to shifting soil or any of the many other factors, a home can become unlevel. This can happen quickly or over a long period of time. No matter how quickly this has occurred, it is imperative that you have your home leveled as soon as possible. If you are unsure as to whether this is something you are facing, you can book an inspection with one of our certified experts. Give us a call to get the process started!

    “My husband and I moved into a mobile home after our kids left the nest. We bought a stationary model that had been in the same spot for a while. We noticed that the doors and window kept sticking, so we called Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts and they had the issue resolved quickly and affordably!” – Donna L

    Residential mobile park home estate
    Mobile Home Leveling

    Mobile homes have quickly become a great alternative to traditional homes. Their size and the ease with which they are built and installed make them an affordable alternative and the low cost of maintenance makes them even more desirable. One of the most common issues that a mobile home can face is becoming unlevel. This can cause a myriad of peripheral issues and should be addressed expediently. Mobile homes can become unlevel for several reasons, so we suggest that you allow one of our experts to conduct an inspection and develop a plan of action suited to your home’s needs.

    a foundation repair process

    Tunneling offers an alternative, non-invasive means of conducting foundation repairs to traditional repair techniques. Instead of accessing the cause of the foundation issues through the interior of your property – and subsequently causing damage to your property’s interior – our expert contractors simply dig under your property to reach and remedy the issue. This should always be done by a trained professional with the knowledge and tools to conduct the work, so if this is something you need, you should get in touch with us today.

    “Our business manages several commercial properties, so we have a good number of contractors on hand for repairs. Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts has been one of our longest-standing, consistently brilliant repair contractors. I would highly recommend their services, especially to commercial property managers.” – Gareth B

    Call Us Today

    If your foundation needs immediate care, you can find our number at the top of this page. We will ensure that you receive assistance from one of our expert foundation repair contractors in no time! You can use the same number to contact us for a comprehensive quotation, to ask any questions that you may have, or to request our testimonials and examples of previous work. If you would prefer, you can also leave a query with us on our Contact Us page contact form.