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Commercial Foundation Repair

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Commercial foundations vary depending on the condition of the soil and budget but the main dividing factor that separates them from residential foundations is the load capacity. The foundation of a commercial property is arguably the most vital part of the structure. The foundation is the basis for the strength, longevity, and stability of the property. Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts has a team of talented contractors who are trained and equipped for the job. Our ongoing training and state-of-the-art equipment ensure quality work is provided to every customer we encounter.

Commercial Foundation Types 

There are only a few commercial foundation types. Piles, supporting grade beans, to support a deep foundation, piles are used. Piles are mostly made from concrete but can also be made from steel or wood. Continuous or spot footing, this type of foundation carries columns and beams. The structural load is distributed into the soil surrounding the foundation. Mat foundations are thicker and generally used for heavier foundation loads. This type of foundation is a thick, soil or rock-supported foundation and is the same thickness all the way through. Slab with grade beams, this type of foundation is shallow and used in buildings to support light loads. Spread footings are a base for a foundation with a much wider bottom. The wider bottom allows for the structure's weight to cover a bigger area.

Signs your commercial foundation needs repairs 

A commercial building is one of the most expensive investments you will make. For this reason, we recommend you protect it at all costs. The foundation of any property is easy to forget as it seems to sit and does not get affected by the world surrounding it. Unfortunately, this is not the case and with a damaged foundation many other issues may arise. The most common sign of a damaged foundation is exterior cracks. If you find cracks or gaps in the property, there is most commonly damage to the foundation. Sinking or settling grounds, does your office seems to be off-balance? Or on different levels? Then you need to get your foundation checked. Uneven ground could be the foundation has shifted and as a result, causing the property to tilt.

Plumbing issues 

When it comes to foundation damage, it can often affect the plumbing. While the two don’t seem to be related and may have many property owners puzzled as to how they affect one another it does play a huge role. Foundation issues can cause issues with your plumbing such as clogged pipes and low or weak water pressure. When the plumbing fails below the foundations, it will compromise the soil that supports your foundation and in turn, will cause the foundation to shift. A shifting foundation can cause massive amounts of force against the plumbing and can even cause pipes to burst which may pass as unnoticed for days or weeks.

A company you can trust 

Working with a foundation repair company requires a lot of trust and patience, the job is often not small and can put your business on hold for some time. At Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts, we understand time is money, our contractors are trained and equipped to handle any job big or small. Our affordable pricing and professional service will ensure a quality experience every time.

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