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Mobile Home Leveling

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Mobile homes have become one of the preferred alternatives to traditional living environments. Their cost-effectiveness, mixed in with their size and ease of maintenance makes them an ideal choice of home. That’s not to say that they do not encounter issues. Much like a traditional home, a mobile home’s foundation can become worn or damaged and wreak havoc on the property. Fortunately, you have access to a professional service that offers a complete, effective, and affordable solution at Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts!

What causes a mobile home to become unlevel? 

Mobile homes are, most commonly, built on pier and beam foundations. This allows the mobile home to be placed on a completely flat-footing. Because of this, mobile homes often face many of the same issues with their foundation that any other home built on pier and beam foundation may face. Issues, such as sinking or shifting piers, may affect the integrity of the foundation. These issues are most commonly caused by two major causal factors. The first is shifting soil. The second is excessive damp. Both require specialized repair techniques – techniques and knowledge that we possess.

How does Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts level a mobile home? 

Because mobile homes are generally built on pier and beam foundations, we employ the same techniques that we would on any foundation of this kind. Once the cause of the issue is identified, we “jack” the home up, so that we can access the underside with ease. Most commonly, though not all the time, we will install new piers under the home, to ensure that they last just as long as a newly built foundation system would. As we mentioned, this is the most common method of repair, though not the only one we use. We will provide you with a complete breakdown of our plan of action before the commencement of work so that you know what is going on with your home.

What are the signs of an unlevel mobile home? 

A mobile home may differ from a traditional home in many ways, but it will display the side effects of an underlying foundation issue, much the same as any other structure. Doors and windows getting stuck are the most common signs that something is awry. Warped skirting boards, sunken in or warped flooring, and cracked walls are also sure signs of a faulty foundation. If you believe that you may be facing foundation issues in your mobile home, but you are unsure, you are welcome to give us a call and book a consultation with one of our expert foundation repairs contractors, who will identify any issues, should they be present.

Why hire Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts? 

Mobile home foundation repairs take a lot of skill and experience to conduct effectively and without causing further issues to the structure. There are many processes that can lead to disaster, if not conducted properly. At Rosenberg Foundation Repair Experts, we boast dozens of years of experience in conducting this work, with an exemplary track record to boot. If you want to protect your investment, you should contact us today – we will get the job done right and ensure your home is protected against unnecessary damage!

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